Better When Darker

All Things Bittersweet

Todd Thorne
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Salutations from this storyteller. If you possess a muse, mine wishes it endless creative sparks.

You're perusing the profile of a speculative fiction writer, from sci-fi to fantasy and all things in between. Short to long tales are my portfolio. Print, web, podcast, and the big screen are my intended mediums. Product flavor and color ... well ... let's just say I'm well south of cozy and feel-good. A deeper introspection can be found on my website, or you can fling an e-mail my direction.

BEFRIENDING ME: By all means. Love to hear from you (and please take that as a hint).

"In short, I'm not much different from you, the person reading this introduction, who maybe didn't attend the best schools, who doesn't have pull in the scriptwriting business, who, as a kid, used to stay up all night watching movies and TV, lost in amazement at strange tales from distant places, wondering what it must be like to make magic out of phosphor dots and possessed of the silly but increasingly irresistible notion that maybe, just maybe, we had something important to say, a story to tell." - J. Michael Straczynski